Leigh Webber | Charleston Photographer
Pool Photo by Photographer, Leigh Webber

Leigh Webber

Leigh Webber is a collector. But while visiting her studio you won’t find a lot of knick knacks. Instead you’ll see Leigh walking out the door, Nikon in hand, capturing images for her bursting collection of moments.

Where’s she going? Maybe back to Cuba. Perhaps taking cooking classes in India. Or satisfying the need for mangosteens, a good massage and the Buddhist lifestyle in Thailand. With a camera bag of underwater equipment and a travel journal in hand, meeting her next muse is the only thing on the agenda.

At home in Charleston, Leigh enjoys photographing her favorite model - son Seamus. He’s the subject of both The First 52 Weeks and Toddler365. You’ll also see her Vizsla, Bella sneak her way into a few shots.

The fastest way to entice Leigh is with an invitation to a place she’s never been or a spicy vegetarian dish. Please - reach out. Let’s build our collections together.

  • Leigh Webber Photography: Collect Moments, Not Things

Photography Services Available : Commercial & Product • Editorial • Travel & Tourism • Underwater

Mailing address: 164 Market Street, Suite 253 Charleston, SC 29401

Phone: 843-697-0376